COMMERCIAL FLOORING 2016 - News / Gerflor USA Sets Example for Industry with Release of Product-Specific Type III EPDs

Gerflor USA Sets Example for Industry with Release of Product-Specific Type III EPDs


Continuing our tradition of industry leadership, Gerflor USA now provides product-specific Type III EPDs for our product portfolio.


LEED v4 is here, and it’s changing how architects and designers consider and specify products. Specifically, environmental product declarations (EPDs) need a more critical eye than ever before. Gerflor USA, known for its high quality, high performing resilient commercial flooring, is making it easier – while strengthening its legacy of industry leadership – with product-specific EPDs.


While most manufacturers continue to use industry EPDs, Gerflor is one of the first in commercial flooring to release product-specific EPDs for all of its product ranges, including: Mipolam, Taraflex, Taralay and Creation LVT. Product-specific EPDs will allow architects and designers to more quickly and efficiently earn a LEED v4 credit in the Materials & Resources category.


“Gerflor USA is committed to taking action to meet the most challenging requirements in terms of design, durability, easy installation, acoustics, comfort, and of course, sustainability,” said Catherine del Vecchio, director of marketing for Gerflor USA. “We took quick and decisive action to develop and publish an EPD for each of our product ranges, as product-specific EPDs provide more specific and detailed information about the product’s lifecycle.”


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