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Taraflex® Sport M Performance Dry-Tex

  • 1,5m roll
  • 4.92 ft X 67.25 ft
Overall thickness
  • 0.35 inch
  • Overall thickness: 0.35" (9.0 mm)
  • Protescol® surface treatment = no wax for life
  • Wearlayer thickness: 83 mil (2.1 mm)
  • ASTM F2772 Class 3: 45% shock absorption
  • Dry-Tex Moisture tolerance: 100% RH / 25lb
  • Minimum order of 4,843.7 sq ft on non-stocking SKUs

Product description

Taraflex Sport M Performance Dry-Tex is ideal for sports competitions, multi-sports gynamsiums, portable and permanent volleyball and basketball courts with a moisture tolerance of 100% RH / 25 lbs. ASTM F2772 Class 3 shock absorption reduces long-term injuries and immediate injuries on impact.

  • Patented Protecsol® polyurethane surface treatment offers the optimal level of sliding, prevents skin burns and allows for easy maintenance
  • Proven for over 60 years to outperform
  • Gerflor Dry-Tex System combines full spread installation with the highest moisture tolerance of 100% RH
  • Dual-density foam
  • Provides optimal safety
  • ASTM F2772 Class 3: 45% shock absorption
  • FloorScore® Certified
  • Ideal for sporting competitions, multi-sport gymnasiums, and portable/permanent volleyball and basketball courts


Recycling rate
  • 100%
Recycled content
  • 16%
TVOC after 28 days
  • < 100 µg/m3
  • a
  • Floorscore®

Interior Designer

Technical and environmental specifications

  • Value
    Surface treatment Triple-Action Protecsol®
    Overall thickness 0.35 inch
    Thickness of the wearlayer 0.08 inch
    Installation system covering Glue down
    Format details 1,5m roll
    Sheet Width 4.92 ft
    Sheet Length 67.25 ft
    NCS 3060-G
    LRV 16.6
  • Value
    Recycling rate 100%
    Recycling content 16%
    TVOC after 28 days with unit < 100 µg/m3
    Product certificates A+, Floorscore®
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