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Gerflor's Safety flooring is ideal for high-traffic applications where slip resistance, durability, hygiene, and easy maintenance are essential. 

These floors are built to withstand heavy loads, making them perfect for fitting out changing rooms, collective kitchens, healthcare, industry, education and other high-traffic walkways.

Safety Flooring

Gerflor's anti-slip flooring is purpose-designed for use in collective kitchens, changing rooms, access ramps, healthcare, industry, education, and walkways. It features an anti-slip rating ranging from R10 to R12, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. What sets our flooring apart is the absence of silicon carbide, making it easier to cut and handle.

Engineered for resistance to stains and warping, our flooring is easy to maintain. Gerflor flooring is independently certified and undergoes rigorous in-house testing, guaranteeing quality and safety.


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