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Wall Coverings

Gerflor offers a unique collection of wall coverings designed to ensure the safety and integrity of walls and the people who inhabit the built environment.

Our wall coverings conform to rigorous hygiene standards and elevate the aesthetics of any space, fostering a clean and infection-resistant environment while delivering high-impact and superior stain resistance.

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Wall Coverings

Gerflor's wall coverings are purpose-built for hospitals, wet rooms, and shower areas. These coverings are not only fire-resistant but also tear-resistant, ensuring durability in demanding environments. Our wall coverings fully comply with waterproofing standards, guaranteeing impeccable hygiene and effortless maintenance. These features play a crucial role in reducing the risk of nosocomial diseases in hospital settings.

With designs and color options, you can personalize any space. Our wall coverings are designed to resist stains, warping, and chemical exposure, making them easy to maintain. Each product is independently certified and undergoes extensive in-house testing, providing confidence in its quality and safety. The entire offerings can be welded to floors for a continuous floor-to-wall infection control environment. 

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