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Technical Tiles

Gerflor’s range of modular floor tile is the perfect flooring solution for when minimal disruption is needed and quick installation is required. With their unique design of interlocking edges, they allow for easy install, easy replacement and a seamless appearance.

This multilayered flooring tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub floors and can be installed with minimal preparation.

Gerflor Technical Tiles

Gerflor's modular technical floor tiles are ideal for intense use and heavy traffic thanks to its thickness and composition. Removable floor tile coverings are characterized by their speed and ease of installation. Our flooring is designed to be stain, scratch and abrasion resistant. It is easy to maintain and water-resistant. All our flooring is certified by independent bodies and has also undergone numerous in-house tests. We offer different sized tiles available for easy and quick installation. The color choice will be made from a palette of colors enabling you to create zones or to mark off safety areas. You can customize your spaces easily. Gerflor is an eco-friendly manufacturer. 

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