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Industry: Technical Solutions for Demanding Spaces

In highly specialized tech spaces like cleanrooms, server rooms, vivariums, and all types of labs, our R&D is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-performance flooring solutions for your peace of mind.

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A Guaranty of Safety and Quality

Withstanding extreme loads in factories, controlling contamination in the pharmaceutical industry or facilitating maintenance in high-tech industries: our Gerflor products are suitable for various industrial issues. Thanks to our floor and wall coverings we guarantee: 

  • The reliability of floor coverings suitable for extreme traffic, and chemical exposure 
  • The quality of products that reduce sound nuisance and improve ergonomics and comfort
  • The features of products that include electrostatic protection (ESD), slip resistance, easy maintenance, or decontamination
  • Technical floor covering products diverse use in life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research laboratories, cleanrooms and controlled environments
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Expert Technical Support

  • With over 160 engineers dedicated to researching and developing innovative flooring products, we have over 150 active patents
  • Field team members focused on the Industry segment that can determine the most effective solutions to meet your demanding requirements
  • Solutions that meet or exceed local and international regulations

Industry Flooring at Gerflor

In the realm of specialized technology spaces, Gerflor USA leads with precision-focused flooring solutions. Our R&D efforts prioritize innovation, delivering high-performance options for laboratories, cleanrooms, server rooms, data centers, and more. Gerflor products endure extreme conditions in factories, maintain pristine environments in pharmaceuticals, and streamline maintenance in high-tech sectors. Reliability is our hallmark, with floor and wall coverings designed for longevity against extreme traffic and chemical exposure.

Experience quality that reduces sound, enhances ergonomics, and ensures comfort. Our features include electrostatic protection (ESD), slip resistance, easy maintenance, and efficient decontamination. Gerflor's technical floor coverings find diverse applications in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research labs, cleanrooms, and controlled environments.

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