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Iowa Voleyball

High Performance Solutions for Diverse Athletics

As the global leader in indoor sports surfaces, we create solutions for elite competitions, K-12 gymnasiums, and various athletic activities. Invented in 1947, Taraflex® stands as the world's most specified resilient sports flooring, providing unparalleled performance, protection, and comfort for players and students of all skill levels. 

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Comfort and Safety

Powered by Taraflex, our Recreation line is ideal for versatile educational use. It offers durability and high performance in classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, rec rooms, hallways, and daycare settings.


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Taraflex - The Global Standard in Sports Flooring

Experience peak performance with Taraflex, providing an exceptional surface for athletes to excel. Achieve the perfect balance of grip and slip, enabling swift movements, agility, and precise footwork essential for sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, and more. Taraflex goes beyond with superior shock absorption, minimizing the impact on joints and muscles. This critical feature not only prevents injuries but also supports comfortable movement, reducing fatigue during both training sessions and games.

Prioritizing safety, Taraflex boasts a non-slip surface, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. The cushioned surface adds an extra layer of comfort, making it the ideal choice for extended training sessions and competitive events. Known for durability, Taraflex stands resilient against wear and tear. Engineered to withstand heavy usage, it's the go-to flooring for sports facilities with high foot traffic and intense activities, ensuring longevity without compromising performance. Elevate your athletic space with Taraflex – where excellence meets durability.

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