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DLW Linoleum ranges are Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified and made of 98% bio-based materials of which 76% are rapidly renewable including linseed oil, wood, jute and resin.

It's simply our way of connecting people with nature.

Linoleum by Gerflor

Gerflor DLW Linoleum

DLW Linoleum has been a trusted name in sustainable flooring since 1882. Our linoleum products are not only Made in Germany but also bear the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver designation, a testament to our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Our linoleum is composed of natural, renewable, and 100% biodegradable ingredients including linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, jute, resin, and all-natural pigments. Our dedication to sustainability extends to achieving carbon neutrality during the initial stages of the product life cycle, from the cultivation of raw materials to the completion of the production process. 

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