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LVT Tiles & Planks

Gerflor's LVT tiles and planks can be conveniently glued or interlocked, and it's available in various tile and plank sizes to ensure a customizable and hassle-free installation.

With an extensive selection of sizes and designs, our LVT options stay in step with the latest design trends, allowing you to transform any commercial environment. 

LVT Tile & Planks

Gerflor's LVT tiles and planks offer a comprehensive selection of stylish and user-friendly solutions suitable for a wide range of commercial areas, whether it's a new project or a renovation. Our LVT flooring is exceptionally versatile; it can be either glued down or interlocked, and available in a variety of tile and plank sizes for a seamless and rapid installation process.

Explore our diverse collection of flooring designs allowing unlimited personalization to the built environment. Rest easy knowing that our flooring is certified by independent organizations and has undergone rigorous in-house testing to ensure top-notch quality. Our entire LVT line is 100% recyclable. 

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