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Advancing Healthcare through Ongoing Research and Development

As a leader in healthcare floor coverings and wall panels, we prioritize pick-resistance, safety, durability, seam integrity, and indentation resistance in Behavioral Health applications. Gerflor offers no downtime installations and the unique ability to digitally print artwork onto wall panels, providing a calming and positive distraction within an integrated system. This feature optimizes aesthetic, operational, and clinical outcomes where traditional artwork may not be safe.

Optimize for Durability, Safety and Aesthetics

  • Indentation resistant under heavy point and rolling loads: Manufactured under immense heat and pressure, Gerflor products feature surface density that makes them extremely durable 
  • Integrated Floor and Wall Systems Gerflor offers integrated wall and floor systems that work together to eliminate points of failure and incompatible components that could potentially be used for self-harm. Minimizing complexity and maximizing safety and performance. 
  •  Seam integrity is a critical aspect of Behavioral Health performance.  Failing seams in resilient floors can lead to; safety hazards, infection control risks, and costly downtime.  Gerflor seam integrity is demonstrated, in part, by superior performance when measured by “Newtons of Force” required to break the seam, as tested under ISO 16906 and EN684
  •  No downtime installations, for busy Behavioral Health applications in which the room cannot be shut down for extended periods.  With Behavioral Health Censuses at an all-time high, space is at a premium, and taking rooms down for flooring replacement is often not feasible. 
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