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Gerflor - A Global Flooring Solutions Provider


Gerflor [ jur-flor ] is one of the largest manufacturers of resilient commercial flooring in the world. With over 75 years of industry experience and nearly $1 billion in annual sales and growing, Gerflor continually offers the newest generation of innovative and sustainable flooring solutions for designers, contractors and end-users in many markets.


Headquartered in Europe with over 3,000 employees and 8 production sites globally, Gerflor has quickly grown to become the preferred choice for high-performance sheet and modular flooring for clients in over 100 countries. Today, Gerflor brings a carefully curated collection of its highest performing products to one of the most dynamic design hubs in the world: the U.S.

Gerflor USA Story  

Backed by the power of an established international network, Gerflor USA was born to serve the American market and improve the indoor environments we work, learn, play and heal in.  We are specialists in Healthcare, Education, Sports, Transportation and Retail.  Our exponential growth has been propelled by our best-selling Mipolam, the first homogenous floor in the world, invented in 1937 and our recent invention of the first and only bio-based sheet floor available today. Our signature Taraflex Sports Floors have also made us the worldwide leader in indoor sports, with over 50 million square feet installed already in the U.S. alone.









Gerflor USA’s double-digit growth in every market and 40% increase in staffing in the last year are a testament not only to the designers and installers that are choosing the most modern, highest quality resilient flooring available, but also to growing trust in these products as they perform successfully over time.In 2014, Gerflor acquired Connor Sport Court International, further strengthening our position as the #1 leader in indoor sports floors.


USA-Stocked Inventory


USA Customer Service Team

New Warehouse



We understand the importance of project and construction deadlines. Our U.S. stocked inventory is shipped quickly and easily from our warehouse in Chicago, one of the most efficient and centrally located logistics hubs for North America.  9 million square feet of flooring in our most popular designs are stocked and ready to ship.


Our Chicago-based customer service team is comprised of representatives that serve every U.S. region, allowing you to speak directly with us, the manufacturer – no middle-men. 


We recently entered into partnership with Starnet,  as an approved vendor, allowing us access to over 170 flooring contractors with more  than 300 locations in North America. This exclusive group represents the most elite and knowledgeable group of flooring installation experts in the world.  



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“We give you one less thing to worry about, because we ensure that our products are the highest quality possible in both design and technology.”

Benjamin Bachman, CEO, Gerflor USA

Our products are defined by performance and innovation. We develop products using only the latest technologies to provide tailored solutions to answer almost every commercial market and application. Whether it's durability, flexibility, speed of installation, design selection, moisture mitigation, hygeine, comfort level, sound management or beyond, Gerflor offers a solution that will work for your specific project.  Gerflor products typically perform well beyond their guaranteed years, providing our customers with exceptional value and long-lasting design integrity.

Gerflor is equipped with 3 global R&D centers and dedicates 3% of total revenue to the research and design of only resilient floors. This is triple the amount of R&D spent by our top competitors. Our heavy investment in R&D ensures continued evolution of our signature lines, and advancements to every product as we continue to expand our U.S. offering.  Recently we became the first and only manufacturer to develop a resilient sheet floor with a 100% bio-based plasticizer.

70% of our sales are composed of products that are less than 3 years old.  That means we are always putting our most advanced technologies out on the market and moving the flooring industry forward.  




Better choices means better designs.

Gerflor’s wide spectrum of colors and patterns are ever-evolving and carefully selected to match consumer demand; they are inspired by nature, textiles, and the abstract. We pride ourselves on offering our most popular, timeless designs - and by following the latest trends we also offer more modern, cutting-edge options for every taste.

Gerflor offers over 5,000 SKU’s in over 300 designs, by far the most expansive collection of design options of any of our resilient flooring competitors in the world. Our full-time design team is dedicated to researching and monitoring the latest trends, and has carefully refined and tailored this collection for the American market. 



We have a responsibility to invest in the future.

When it comes to sustainability, we set ourselves to the highest standards. A floor is not just a floor - we believe in developing great products that not only perform but also contribute to achieving the highest indoor air quality as possible. 

The concept of Life Cycle Assessment is inherent to our business – we analyze the entire life of our products, from careful raw material sourcing, to production in our ISO 14001 certified production sites, to transporting our lightweight products, efficient installation, easy maintenance and durability during usage, to 100% recyclability during end of life, and beyond.  We believe in total environmental transparency and are working on offering individual EPD’s for all our products, making us 1 of only 4 flooring manufacturers to do so.



Our European heritage has also allowed us to achieve total REACH compliance, a European standard now recognized and awarded by LEED v4.  To name a few other “standard features” of our products, they are all 100% recyclable, 100% FloorScore Certified™ (low VOC),  100% allergen-free, 100% solvent-free, and 100% free of heavy metals and formaldehyde. 

We stand by our sustainability philosophy: Read our Sustainability story here! 




The people behind our products.

We live and operate in a country that values relationships built on trust.  That’s why one of our most valuable resources is our people, including our sales representatives, agents, customer service, and operations staff. 

Our commitment and enthusiasm for providing the highest level of service, to both new and repeat customers, is a standard part of the Gerflor brand experience. Our employees are driven by core values that make them entrepreneurial, approachable, and respectful, giving you a sense of partnership and support at all times.   


GTS 2014


We educate others by educating ourselves first.

We employ a knowledgeable and experienced sales force who don’t just sell you on products; they help you find the most powerful solutions for your project.  We believe that by investing in our people, you can get the right products selected quickly, installed properly, and maintained efficiently -  translating into lasting protection of your design legacy.

Continual learning and professional development of the people who represent our company is important to us.  Gerflor USA holds regular Gerflor Training School sessions in our Chicago headquarters, plus continual online educational sessions. We now conduct AIA approved CEU's in architecture and design firms all across the country.  


We respect our heritage and the experience it has given us.

Take a look at the below timeline to understand our legacy.  Our milestone achievements range from inventing the first homogenous floors in 1937 to acquiring the largest indoor wood sport court manufacturer in 2014:

2015 gerflor usa timeline


Continue the journey with us by browsing some of our favorite success stories!  And don't forget to follow the latest trends and happenings on social media.      

Gerflor USA  /  750 Veterans Parkway / Bolingbrook, IL 60440


1-877-437-3567  /  [email protected]

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