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Creation 2022: New All-in-1 Collection!

Creation 2022, the new decorative solution by Gerflor !
With 35+ years of experience in LVT, Gerflor is stepping forward with new collections, new products and enhanced technical performances !
In 2022 Gerflor launches new Creation 30, 40 & 55. Creation in a few figures : 4 ranges, 5 technologies, 15 products, 500 options.

The All-in-1 collection !


A bunch of evolutions :

New ProtecShield™ surface treatment with enhanced performances
New rigid interlocking offer: Creation Solid Clic & Creation Rigid Acoustic
New coordinated finishes

Exclusive in Creation 55 :

  • Emboss in register - EIR : an enhanced manufacturing process to achieve ultra-realistic designs (synchronization between pattern & emboss)
  • Small plank dedicated to herringbone installation mode

A new collection even more sustainable with a reduced carbon footprint and circular economy.

The main benefits of the new Creation collection

Creation: the reference in sustainable development

All product ranges are developed according to a product life cycle analysis model. The Creation Collection has been designed entirely according to the principles of the circular economy.

Gerflor saint-paul-trois-chateaux
New Trends



In this trend we find designs with colour harmonies and materials inspired by Nature.
Those designs are highly popular and can be found  in many flooring collections : that is why our art director has carefully selected unique and creative designs with variations of colours and contrasts for example.




This trend includes the most classic and unavoidable designs. 
They are also our best-selling designs of all time.
You'll find wood and mineral designs that fit perfectly into modern and classic interiors.




This trend is made of hyper-realistic designs,offering tactile and visual experience.
Thanks to the work of our Gerflor Design Lab, that has selected the most suitable woods for a perfect synchronism between the printed design and the surface grain, we can easily appreciate the "emboss in register" (EIR) without getting too close, standing at eye level.




This is a new concept in which original hybrid designs are created by merging two materials.
These designs do not exist in reality, thus creating new, innovative and inspiring worlds.




This trend brings together older designs, unique creations with a lot of character. They have survived the years & time without going out of fashion.


About Gerflor

For over 80 years, Gerflor has been a global leader in crafting, producing, promoting, and distributing cutting-edge, environmentally responsible flooring solutions. Our extensive product line caters to commercial healthcare, education, sports, and industry spaces. Committed to sustainability and top-notch quality, Gerflor provides flooring options that cater to the diverse demands of customers worldwide. Our focus on creating spaces that inspire, enhance well-being, boost performance, and deliver a measurable return on investment underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Choose Gerflor for flooring solutions that elevate spaces and stand the test of time.

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