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DLW linoleum

DLW has manufactured linoleum since 1882, bringing a revolutionary product to the market that's ecological, practical, and tasteful. Made of 98% natural materials, DLW linoleum is now available in a wide range of products in 159 colors!


The most eco-friendly lino

Made from 98% natural materials—linseed oil, wood powder, chalk, jute, resin—DLW linoleum meets particularly stringent environmental standards:

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing, with production integrated into a circular economy: cradle-to-cradle certification, UL Environmental Product Declaration certification
  • Uses Neocare, solvent-free surface protection that has no impact on indoor air quality: Blue Angel certification, A+, FloorScore

A modern and varied design

We offer a wide range of looks, effects, and colors to suit all tastes and interiors:

  • Timeless classics: Marbled or solid effects, natural landscape effects, slightly textured designs, matt effect
  • Contemporary Lino Art ranges using three types of designs borrowed from the urban rulebook: striated, terrazzo, and mineral concrete
  • A range of 159 colors available

DLW linoleum in numbers:

  • 98% natural materials
  • Up to 40% recycled components
  • 76% of components rapidly renewable
  • 100% recyclable

The comfort of a durable solution

Our DLW natural flooring combines comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance to make everyday life easier for users:

  • Extreme resistance to wear and micro-scratches for a long-lasting appearance
  • Resilient surface adapted to children and offering good thermal and acoustic comfort (19 dB insulation)
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to the revolutionary Neocare surface treatment, which acts as a barrier against stains and dirt
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Gerflor Linoleum

Gerflor offers compact and acoustic versions of natural linoleum flooring that is available on rolls. Our linoleum flooring is made of renewable materials including linseed oil, resins, wood, cork, minerals, pigments and fabric mesh. It is extremely durable. Our flooring is designed to be resistant to stains, scratches and substrate flaws. The Linoleum flooring range ensures good reduction of impact sounds thanks to its excellent acoustic performance. We offer different thicknesses of linoleum in this range. Our floor coverings are easy to maintain and water resistant. They are certified by independent bodies and have also undergone numerous in-house tests. The linoleum range offers a wide range of intense and durable colors. You can easily customize your spaces while being sure of the quality of Gerflor flooring. 

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