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Sport Court: the new generation of outdoor multi-sports surfaces

Sport Court has been manufacturing sports courts since 1974. Sport Court designs flooring that guarantees optimal performance and protection, and is easy to both install and maintain. With its all-terrain offerings, it is as attractive for school playgrounds as it is for event-based competitions or city stadiums.


Combining performance and safety on the ground

The innovative PowerGame+ surface from Sport Court boasts excellent technical performance: 

  • Resistance to the harshest outdoor climatic conditions: The best UV protection and a double grid structure for quick drying after rain 
  • Optimal comfort: Tile stability for excellent ball bounce and the most efficient interlocking tile system for good athletic performance 
  • Enhanced protection: impact absorption to reduce fatigue and joint stress as well as fall-related injuries 

Sport Court's PowerGame+ tile system simplifies the installation and maintenance of outdoor courts: 

  • Quick assembly and disassembly with the click-on tile system: Four hours of installation and two hours of line painting for 1,000 m2 of court 
  • Easy maintenance: No need for costly resurfacing or sanding, and leaves and other residue drain away underneath the tiles with rainwater 

This means that this system can be adapted to different setups: 

  • Event-based competitions, with the possibility of dismantling the field quickly and easily 
  • Rapid renovation or creation of outdoor courts, school playgrounds, or city stadiums 

"For futsal, the Sport Court surface meets the clubs' requirements and delivers the performance levels expected by the players. This technical solution also offers municipalities more flexibility, especially for school sports." » 

Sébastien Pessoa, Development Project Lead, French Football Federation 


Offering uniquely designed courts 

Another advantage of Sport Court is that the PowerGame+ surface is available in multiple colors and can be customized with the logo or colors of your club or school. Old asphalt courts become beautiful new playing surfaces in just one day. 


Sport Court, partner of the most important sports federations

"Sport Court" floors are certified by the most important international sports federations: French Football Federation (FFF), International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and FIBA 3X3 basketball, International Floorball Federation (IFF), International Handball Federation (IHF), International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

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