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Taraflex: the champion’s sports flooring

Taraflex is the most widely used indoor sports flooring in the world and has been a key partner of sports federations since 1947. The secret of this success? Floors with the best combination of safety for all disciplines, comfort in case of a fall, and durability.


Guaranteeing comfort and safety for athletes 

Taraflex is a champion of sports flooring and designs technical flooring that offers excellent performance thanks to a high-impact comfort index: 

  • Immediate protection in case of falls: Reducing the risk of injury when falling, diving, or slipping on the floor 
  • Long-term injury prevention: Reducing the force of the impact on the body 

Maintaining long-term performance

Innovative Taraflex solutions maintain the same level of performance throughout the life of the product.  

Adaptable to all sports 

With a wide range of sports floors, Taraflex offers flooring adapted to different uses, for: 

  • Clubs, competitions: Taraflex Performance and Taraflex System Top Comfort 
  • Recreation and education: Taraflex Evolution 
  • Occasional use: Tradisport 
  • Early childhood: Taraflex Comfort 
  • Multipurpose rooms and sports for athletes with disabilities: Taraflex Polyvalent 

The three secrets of Taraflex floors: 

  • A Triple Action Protecsol surface treatment that reduces temperature rise during a dive by 25% and facilitates floor maintenance 
  • D-Max Durability surface complex reinforced with a glass mesh for a high level of puncture resistance and exceptional dimensional stability 
  • Four different CXP HD foams for increased performance and safety 

Taraflex floors equip the greatest champions! 

Taraflex has been the supplier of the Olympic Games since 1976 thanks to agreements with the International Federations, and the technical partner of the French federations and leagues for over 20 years. Our floors are also approved by international Paralympic sports federations (ParaVolley and Boccia/BISFed) 

Photo credit: Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff

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