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Use: our products to reduce our environmental impact

As we are concerned about reducing the carbon footprint linked to the use of our products, we are working on two levels to limit it.

First, we provide our professional partners with the resources to take action: limiting the use of glue with loose-lay products and reducing waste thanks to the pre-cutting service.

In addition, we offer users products that require less maintenance and can delay the use of artificial lighting.


Limiting the use of glue with loose-lay products

As a major innovation in our market, we are developing loose-lay products that do not require any glue. Snap-together tiles, textile-backed rolls or sealing technical tiles: we offer several loose-lay ranges. In addition to the ecological aspect, the advantage of this non-adhesive installation is threefold:

  • reduced VOC emissions related to glues
  • easy and quick to install
  • easy to reuse and recycle

Does your space require installation using glue? We recommend the use of solvent-free, low VOC emission acrylic adhesives that are EMICODE EC1 and EC1 PLUS certified.


Exemplary products in terms of indoor air quality

All Gerflor products are A+ certified. This is the best VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission level for construction products. They are also Floorscore certified.

100% of Gerflor flooring performs at least 10 times better than the regulatory requirements.

Several ranges (Creation, Taralay Premium, Taralay Impression, Mipolam, DLW Linoleum) emit under 10 μg/m3 after 28 days, that is 100 times less than regulatory requirements.


Reducing waste thanks to the pre-cutting service

In order to reduce installation waste, we offer our customers a pre-cutting service prior to shipment, or a custom-length manufacturing service. Through this scheme, we can help our partners to limit product waste.

This service is offered in particular for our Taraflex sports range. Our products on rolls, distributed by home improvement superstores and decoration specialists, can also be cut in our plants to the dimensions requested by the end customer.


Reducing the use of maintenance products

Substantial consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents: over the entire life cycle of a floor covering, maintenance often represents 25% of the product's environmental impact!

This is why we have worked on low-maintenance solutions. For example, the introduction of revolutionary surface varnish to our ranges – EvercareTM and Protecsol®2 – has reduced the environmental impact related to maintenance by half over the past ten years.

These varnishes have a threefold advantage:

  • making savings on maintenance and the use of water and detergents
  • avoiding costly metallization throughout the product's life
  • stain resistant

Delaying the use of artificial lighting thanks to floor coloring

To improve the visual comfort of users and to reduce energy consumption related to lighting, we have worked on the light reflection of our floors and our colors.

Compared to a dark color, a light color can provide a 60% reduction in lighting-related energy consumption.

With light reflectance values (LRVs) ranging from 6% to 86%, Gerflor offers a wide range of colors allowing architects to select flooring that is best-suited to the lighting conditions of each project.


Other stages in the life cycle of our products

Stringent product certifications and labels

Our policy in terms of sustainable development has already enabled us to obtain stringent product certifications and labels. These standards recognize our efforts in terms of: 

  • Indoor Air Quality: FloorScore®

  • Floor covering durability: UPEC A+ 

  • Sustainable development: Cradle to Cradle Certified®

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions: Blue Angel, M1, A+

Our products also contribute to obtaining environmental standards for buildings: LEED, HQE 

Gerflor by your side

Do you have any questions? Do you need some advice on one of your projects? Contact the Gerflor teams for flooring that is best-matched to your needs. 

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