The Creation Clic System is the industry's only commercial application ¼” thick (6mm) vertically interlocking LVT, proven to resist retail and commercial grade traffic.  It’s made with a tear resistant design film protected by a transparent 28 mil wearlayer pressed and grained at high pressure on a very thick compact backing. 


Renovations are faster and easier with the Creation Clic System - and the ability to stay open during renovation means no loss of revenue.   


  • Easy and quick installation with just a mallet: no noise, no dust
  • Renovation-friendly: minimal subfloor preparation
  • Suitable for heavy traffic and rolling traffic areas 
  • 17% more square feet installed per hour compared to laminate
  • 12 dB more noise reduction compared to laminate
  • Water resistant
  • Sustainable: REACH compliant, FloorScore® certified




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0357 Portobello
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0360 Deep Forest
0545 Serena
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0359 Wild Oak
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0577 Albion


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0531 Halifax
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0087 Dock Taupe
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0085 Dock Grey

Product construction


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Senso long effect
Senso long effect