GTI MAX Connect is a solid color flooring solution for a wide range of applications. With a unique interlocking system, GTI MAX Connect offers a modular tile flooring solution to create zoning and safety areas.

  • No-Wax Required
  • Reinforced with 2 fiberglass grids
  • 2mm colored wearlayer
  • Fast & easy installation


USA Stock
0266 Peler
USA Stock
0252 Titanium
USA Stock
0249 Carbon
USA Stock
0265 Maestrale
USA Stock
0233 Green
0234 Clear Grey
0235 Dark Grey
0236 Black
0253 Aluminium
0267 Levante
0230 Blue
USA Stock
0268 Ermellino
USA Stock
0232 Red
USA Stock
0264 Ponente
0255 Saphir
0247 Magma
USA Stock
1249 Tramontana

Product construction


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Senso long effect
Senso long effect