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Bring the outdoors in with Gerflor’s Taraflex™ and its new, modern neutral colors and more than seven dynamic wood designs all stocked in the USA. This trusted product offers superior resistance to furniture and rolling loads found in multi-use gymnasiums, while providing great sports properties to athletes when considering shock absorption and comfort. It helps prevent both short and long-term injuries for all levels and ages of athletes and is the only resilient sports flooring with solutions in Class 1 through Class 4 of the ASTM F2772 standards for indoor sports floors.


The patented Triple Action Protecsol® floor treatment offers the optimal level of sliding, prevents skin burns and allows for easy maintenance. Taraflex is also FloorScore™ certified for high indoor air quality.


Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2:

  • Single density CXP HD closed-cell foam backing
  • ASTM F2772 Class 2: ≥ 22% to ≥33% shock absorption
  • D-max+ triple strength fiberglass = up to 40% improved indentation resistance and recovery to tables and chairs; superior dimensional stability to rolling loads found in multi-purpose spaces
  • Exclusive wood designs
  • Triple Action Protecsol® Surface Treatment = easy maintenance




4453 Wood Blue
USA Stock
3708 Wood Grey
USA Stock
4331 Wood Natural
USA Stock
8069 Wood Chocolate
USA Stock
8840 Wood Black
USA Stock
6381 Maple design

Polished Concrete

2791 Light Grey

My Taraflex - Inspirations

7755 Pure Concrete
7020 Golden Herringbone
7019 Wood Crosscut
7422 Blue Wave

Product construction

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Senso long effect