This trusted product offers superior resistance to furniture and rolling loads found in multi-use gymnasiums, while providing great sports properties to athletes when considering shock absorption and comfort. It helps prevent both short and long-term injuries for all levels and ages of athletes and is the only resilient sports flooring with solutions in Class 1 through Class 4 of the ASTM F2772 standards for indoor sports floors.


The patented Triple Action Protecsol® floor treatment offers the optimal level of sliding, prevents skin burns and allows for easy maintenance. Taraflex is also FloorScore™ certified for high indoor air quality.


Taraflex Sport M Plus


  • No. 1 solution for sport and multipurpose arenas
  • Suitable for all types of sports and leisure activities
  • ASTM F2772 Class 2: ≥ 22% - < 33% shock absorption
  • Dual density foam backing
  • Available with the Gerflor Dry-Tex System
  • Contributes to LEED credits


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