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Job Nittany Valley Sports Centre Taraflex Multi Use US

Nittany Valley Sports Centre

Multi-Purpose Sports Centre
State College, PA
Project type
New Construction
53,500 SF
Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2 | 3708 Wood Grey & 6381 Maple Design

Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2 in Sports Centre

This flagship facility demanded diverse sports surfaces accommodating basketball, volleyball, futsal, field hockey, and various other sports. Additionally, it needed to cater to community events such as tournaments, shows, and exhibitions. The children's play area was equipped with over 9,000 SF of Recreation 60, while the competition sports areas utilized an additional 43,700 SF of Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2. This comprehensive approach provides the center with the versatility and space required to serve as the community's central hub for sports and events.

Installed by AllSports Enterprises, Inc

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