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Secure and Supportive Living Spaces

Student housing is the sanctuary of vibrant student life, where the priority is nurturing the well-being and safety of its residents. In this lively community, Gerflor provides the foundation for diverse experiences that converge to create a secure and supportive living space for all. 

Flexibility and Durability

From the annual move into student living quarters, to the all-night activities in common rooms and lounges, student housing creates a significant amount abuse on its floors.  Gerflor solutions are built to withstand, providing easy maintenance for limiting costs and disruption.   Many solutions can be installed right over existing floors, creating the opportunity for quick renovations over breaks.

Healthy and Safe

Student housing is exposed to many elements that can impact student health.  Innovative Gerflor solutions are engineered for the wellness and safety of students in this diverse environment.

  • Optimum air quality contribution with the lowest VOC levels
  • Surface treatments ISO-certified for inhibiting viral and bacterial growth
  • Acoustic performance that can mitigate noise pollution and contribute to effective study space
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