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Floor coverings suited to social housing requirements

Alongside social landlords, Gerflor designs floor coverings suitable for collective dwellings that are easy to install, easy to maintain and offer a wide choice of designs and colors.

Supporting social landlords

In order to respond to social housing issues, Gerflor offers a wide range combining technicality and practicality:

  • Ease of installation, especially for renovation in a busy environment
  • Option to cover asbestos flooring with loose-lay products under technical advice
  • Shock resistance with flooring that is designed to last 
  • Sound insulation with good soundproofing performance
  • Diversified design to suit all kinds of architecture: wood or ceramic tile appearance, concrete effect
  • Products for all rooms, private and communal areas
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the latest-generation surface treatments with no metallization or vitrification

Common areas: corridors and landing - our recommendations

Private rooms : kitchen / storeroom - our recommendations

Private rooms: reception, corridors - our recommendations

Private rooms: living area - our recommendations

Private rooms: bedroom - our recommendations

Private rooms: toilets, bathroom - our recommendations

Common areas: storage rooms xxx - our recommendations

Common areas: stairs - our recommendations

Common areas: reception area - our recommendations

Gerflor is committed to the environment
we care / we act

Gerflor teams have always put customers and the environment at the center of their concerns.
Our floor coverings, wall solutions and finishing elements are designed to last as long as possible, to make life easier for users, and to preserve their health. They are also environmentally friendly, both in the way they are designed and in the options available at the end of their lives.

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Do you have any questions? Do you need some advice on one of your projects? Contact the Gerflor teams for flooring that is best-matched to your needs. 

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About Gerflor

For over 80 years, Gerflor has been a global leader in crafting, producing, promoting, and distributing cutting-edge, environmentally responsible flooring solutions. Our extensive product line caters to commercial healthcare, education, sports, and industry spaces. Committed to sustainability and top-notch quality, Gerflor provides flooring options that cater to the diverse demands of customers worldwide. Our focus on creating spaces that inspire, enhance well-being, boost performance, and deliver a measurable return on investment underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Choose Gerflor for flooring solutions that elevate spaces and stand the test of time.

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