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Floor coverings suited to social housing requirements

Alongside social landlords, Gerflor designs floor coverings suitable for collective dwellings that are easy to install, easy to maintain and offer a wide choice of designs and colors.

Supporting social landlords

In order to respond to social housing issues, Gerflor offers a wide range combining technicality and practicality:

  • Ease of installation, especially for renovation in a busy environment
  • Option to cover asbestos flooring with loose-lay products under technical advice
  • Shock resistance with flooring that is designed to last 
  • Sound insulation with good soundproofing performance
  • Diversified design to suit all kinds of architecture: wood or ceramic tile appearance, concrete effect
  • Products for all rooms, private and communal areas
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the latest-generation surface treatments with no metallization or vitrification

Common areas: corridors and landing - our recommendations

Private rooms : kitchen / storeroom - our recommendations

Private rooms: reception, corridors - our recommendations

Private rooms: living area - our recommendations

Private rooms: bedroom - our recommendations

Private rooms: toilets, bathroom - our recommendations

Common areas: storage rooms xxx - our recommendations

Common areas: stairs - our recommendations

Common areas: reception area - our recommendations

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