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Multi purpose


Gerflor's flooring is a suitable choice for basketball courts in various settings, including basketball clubs, sports facilities, schools and recreational centers.

By utilizing our flooring for basketball courts, clubs and facilities can provide players with a high-quality playing surface that supports their performance, reduces the risk of injuries and ensures long-term durability. The flooring's reliable performance and features make it a preferred choice for basketball enthusiasts.


The best choice for your athletes

Gerflor's sports flooring provides consistent ball response, allowing players to dribble, shoot and pass with accuracy. The surface's grip and slip properties are well-suited for basketball, enabling players to make quick cuts, changes in direction and abrupt stops confidently.

  • Suitable for sports activities: ball-bounce, good energy return, balance between slip and grip
  • Safety: Shock absorption properties help reduce the impact on players and provide cushioning
  • Enhanced durability: good performance over time and low maintenance


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