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COMMERCIAL FLOORING Sustainability Overview


When it comes to sustainability, we set ourselves to the highest standards. A floor is not just a floor - we believe in developing great products that not only perform, but also contribute to achieving high indoor air quality.

One of the many benefits of our European heritage is that all our products are 100% REACH compliant.  REACH, or the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, provides strict regulations on chemical and hazardous substances in manufactured products. REACH is recognized as one compliance path in the new, more stringent USGBC LEED v4.

All our products are also 100% FloorScore certified, meaning that our products have been independently third party certified to comply with strict volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions criteria.

90% of our time is spent indoors.*

That’s why 100% of Gerflor USA floors provide the very best environmental attributes:

US Sustainability Checklist

 *According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

No Shortcuts.    LCA

We seek to not only meet environmental requirements, but far exceed them. We aspire to be sustainability leaders in our field and battle the prevalence of green-washing by clearing the way in product transparency. You can find our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)'s readily available - we never stop analyzing the impact and lifecycle of our products from start to finish.  We're even working on providing Health Product Declarations (HPD) for each one of our products because we are not afraid to share exactly what goes into a great floor.

Plus, we make it easy to tally all LEED contributions with our handy Online LEED Calculator.





Raw Materials

Every Gerflor product range is developed to minimize environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, starting with raw material sourcing. Mipolam Symbioz is one of our newest, best-selling products and it is the only resilient sheet flooring made with a 100% bio-based plasticizer that exists on the market today.  In a recent, extensive study by the Healthy Building Network, published by Environmental Building News, our bio-based plasticizer was highlighted as having the fewest environmental and health impacts.





Production and Transport

We were the first flooring manufacturing facility in the world to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. In case you were wondering, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world's largest developer of voluntary standards, and ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) provides internationally applied standards for workplace health and safety management systems.

In the last fifteen years, we’ve developed systems to reduce our own water consumption by 88.3% and reduce solvent emissions by 98.3%.  Our products are some of the lightest weight on the market, reducing transportation costs and associated COemissions.



KAUST Mipolam Elegance

 Long Life Performance

Due to our unique product characteristics and recommended installation methods, we help ensure that installation by our trusted, experienced partners will be quick and efficient. Likewise, product maintenance is minimal, due to our proven surface treatments and the inherently durable nature of vinyl.  Up to 80% less water and chemical detergent use can be expected with our products.

Precise product construction and trademarked surface treatments ensure top performance, proven for up to 30 years even in high traffic areas. Maybe that’s why our products have been specified and installed in one of the largest LEED® Platinum projects in the world.  




Second Life3


End of Life

Gerflor products are inherently and endlessly recyclable. The Gerflor “Second Life” program provides full recycling services from removal to sorting to storage, to repurposing into other products such as road cones. For the London Olympic Games, we took back nearly 475,000 sqft of Gerflor flooring and recycled all 75 tons of material to create the backing of our sports floors!


Want to keep reading?  Feel free to download our LEED Brochure.

For Gerflor’s global sustainability commitment, visit the Environment Page.









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